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Wildsilver is the fourth JRPG created by Great Potion Games. 

It tells the story of two girls named Velven and Soire who live in a strange old temple deep in the forest. When venturing into a nearby cave, the sisters were attacked by a Basilisk, and Soire was inflicted with the creature's slow-acting petrifying poison. There is a way to save her: the Elixir. Can Velven gather the ingredients in time?

Wildsilver will feature …

  • about 15 hours of playtime
  • an epic and emotional story with several plot twists
  • a turn-based battle system with an active-time option
  • a four-character party with a female protagonist
  • a lot of character customisation in terms of stats and abilities
  • medium difficulty with optional challenges
  • legendary equipment
  • puzzles
  • collectibles
  • quests
  • secrets
  • breakable urns
  • British English
  • continuous patches and support (as always)

The demo could be considered a condensed version in terms of gameplay. It includes most of the characters, skills, equipment, items and enemies that are planned for the full game. There's no plot, however, no quests, no puzzles. The game elements and locations may or may not be part of the full game. That depends on your feedback! :)


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